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Asset Allocation
The most fundamental element of a successful portfolio is an asset allocation of diversified holdings that fits client objectives. A portfolio must also accurately reflect client-specific objectives for risk tolerance, return goals, liquidity needs, cash flow demands and investment policy guidelines.

Client specific & customized

The proprietary Marquette Associates asset allocation study uses Monte Carlo simulations to model capital market returns for fit with client objectives under a wide variety of macroeconomic conditions. Rather than optimize on a single risk to determine a recommended portfolio, the Marquette model analyzes up to nine different risks to identify the best portfolio for each client.

Unlike the “one size fits all” risk-return optimization often used elsewhere, Marquette asset allocation studies are highly customized to our clients. Our model calculates a risk scorecard based on a weighted average of metrics through a statistically rigorous process that uses client-specific inputs and simulated capital market returns.

Current client asset allocation studies are conducted as economic conditions change or client goals evolve. For new clients, asset allocation studies are typically included as part of the investment systems review.
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