The Sixth Fed Hike and Rising LIBOR

The Federal Reserve announced its sixth rate hike on Wednesday, with the target fed funds rate now 1.5% – 1.75%….


What Will Drive Inflation Higher in 2018?

Driven by the rising price of oil, the unknown ultimate impact of the tax cuts, strong global economic growth and…

Historical Vix levels


Is This the End of a Low Volatility Regime?

For most of 2017, we were fixated on the unusually low volatility environment. Despite a number of geopolitical challenges, markets…


Italian Elections and a Possible EU Exit

With Italy’s general election set for March 4th, this week’s chart examines the probability of a Euro break-up. This time…


U.S. Venture Capital Market Environment

As a growing number of participants have entered the private markets, the amount of total dry powder has increased. Venture capital…


Value Underperformance in the Current Market Cycle

With the value premium seemingly in decline, value investors have had a lot to complain about over the past ten…


Are Housing Prices Drying Up Our Savings?

The demand for apartments has been robust over the past several years, particularly within the Millennial generation, which has contributed…


Are Equities Oversold?

After an extended period of historically low volatility and steady gains in U.S. equity markets, the first significant pullbacks for…


You Get a Dividend, You Get a Dividend, You Get a Dividend!

As January closes, it is not uncommon for New Year’s resolutions to go up in smoke; one publication has suggested…

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