David H. Smith Speaking at 529 Conference 10/16

September 07, 2017

On Monday, October 16, David H. Smith, CFA, will be speaking at the fourth annual 529 Conference, “College Financial Planning: Creating Growth Through Collaboration”, in Orlando.

The presentation, “Structuring & Evaluation the Investment Line-Up”, will cover topics such as structure in philosophy and in practice; defining key terms and differentiating factors; investment type and management style trends; and the impact of fees, new asset classes and other trends on selection.

The one-day pre-conference 529 “Essentials” Seminar will unpack the mechanics of 529 college savings plans. The session is designed to provide a clearer understanding of the ever-evolving tax, regulatory, financial aid, marketing, distribution, consumer trends and structural implications driving the market today.

For more information, please visit the 529 Conference event page.

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