Commodities Position Paper

February 07, 2012

Explores commodities as an investment, focusing on investment vehicles, the sources and attributes of historical risk and return, and commodities’ place in an investment portfolio.

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This chart description is for illustrative purposes only and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Please see full disclosures at end of PDF document in the web post. General description: Two-line chart showing prices for live cattle futures and corn futures. Chart subtitle: Higher beef prices could lead to more expensive cookouts this Labor Day weekend. Chart source: Bloomberg as of August 29, 2023. Chart visual description: Data is monthly. Left Y-axis is labeled “$/Pound” corresponding to Live Cattle Futures slate line and ranges from $0 to $2. X-axis ranges from June 1992 to August 2023. Right Y-axis is labeled “$/Bushel” corresponding to Corn Futures light green line and ranges from $0 to $9. Chart data description: Please contact us for the full dataset. Latest data as of August 29: Live cattle $1.81/lb; Corn $4.69/lb. End chart description. See disclosures at end of document.


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