Investing in Public vs. Private Real Estate: Are REITs the Right Investment for You?

February 23, 2017

Real estate investments are a core part of institutional portfolios and provide returns through a combination of income and appreciation. Different vehicle structures offer options in regards to access, liquidity, and sector exposure. Ownership can be direct through individual properties and separately managed accounts, or indirect through publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs), private real estate commingled vehicles, and private REITs. Due to the recent creation of a new real estate sector within the Global Industry Classification system (“GICS”) as well as the current market environment, we feel it is an appropriate time to re-visit the available options for institutional investors to access real estate, specifically as it relates to public REITs. This newsletter examines some of the unique characteristics of public REITs compared to private real estate investments and compares the benefits of private real estate versus public REITs.

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The opinions expressed herein are those of Marquette Associates, Inc. (“Marquette”), and are subject to change without notice. This material is not financial advice or an offer to purchase or sell any product. Marquette reserves the right to modify its current investment strategies and techniques based on changing market dynamics or client needs.

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