Kris Katarski Speaking at Institutional Investor 2024 Private Credit Forum 5/21

May 09, 2024

On Tuesday, May 21, Kris Katarski will be speaking at Institutional Investor’s 2024 Private Credit Forum in Chicago, “Private Credit Vintage Bubble: The Delicate Balance Between Optimism and Caution.”

Kris will be moderating a fireside chat entitled, “Trends and Opportunities in the U.S. Lower Middle-Market, Private Credit, and Private Credit Secondaries,” described as follows:  This segment will dive into alpha opportunities that exist within the U.S. Lower Middle-Market relative to private credit and private credit secondaries, expounding on elements of inefficiencies, less competition, and aging demographics, amongst others.

  • What are the current opportunities, trends, and risk considerations identified in U.S. Lower Middle-Market private credit?
  • What is the definition of the U.S. Lower Middle-Market, supply/demand influences, alpha generation potential, and market valuation comparisons?
  • How has the growth in private credit led to more credit secondary opportunities?
  • What are secondaries’ expected risk-adjusted return profiles vs. other private market asset classes?
  • Have seasoned loans in U.S. Lower Middle-Markets exhibited lower default rates than larger loans?

The Forum will delve into the nuances of the private credit sector, including the allocator sentiment, macro and regulatory factors, and sector specifics that continue to drive growth. We will explore the delicate balance between optimism and caution, dissecting the opportunities and potential pitfalls that lie ahead. For more information, visit the Institutional Investor event webpage.

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