Kweku Obed Speaking at Emerging Markets Forum 5/7

March 31, 2014

On Wednesday, May 7th, Kweku Obed will be speaking at Institutional Investor’s 4th Annual Emerging Markets Forum at Apella in New York. Kweku will be one of the speakers on the Challenges of Constructing an Effective EM Portfolio panel, which will address a wide range of issues related to investing in emerging markets:

Do you use ETFs? How often do you rebalance the ETFs?
Using partially active/partially passive strategies
How much concentration is good?
Overcoming the first-mover advantage
Are there benefits to shorting?
Understanding the consequences of currency on emerging markets portfolio construction
Should you have a country strategy or a regional one?
Public markets or private markets or both?
Does emerging markets growth depend on the commodities supercycle?
Shifts in current account balances in these countries
Continuing growth of the consumer-driven sectors
How the sovereign wealth funds will change the opportunity set in emerging markets investments
Which emerging markets currencies will be most volatile, and why?

About Institutional Investor’s 4th Annual Emerging Markets Forum
The 4th Annual Emerging Markets Forum will continue this meeting’s traditional focus on how North American pension funds, endowments, and foundations are moving their emerging markets strategies from a focus on “how much” to allocate to these markets to a discussion of how best to execute those investments.

For more information please visit the Institutional Investor Forums website.

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