Marquette Speaking at Institutional Investor 2021 Redefining Fixed Income Series 4/21 & 6/24

March 08, 2021

Marquette will be participating in two events as part of Institutional Investor’s Redefining Fixed Income Series of webinars this year entitled, “Creating a Modern Fixed Income Portfolio for the Future.”

Ben Mohr will be serving as moderator chair for the April 21st and June 24th events. As chair, he will introduce presenters, lead breakout discussions, and moderate the Q&A and LP-only panel during each event.

In April, the event will include discussion on “Quantifying ESG Risks in Developed Markets Fixed Income May Enhance Investor Outcomes,” and “Navigating Fixed Income in 2021: Preparing as an Investor,” which will explore the uncertainty within fixed income following 2020, from inflation to interest rates to risk and volatility.

The June event will include discussion on “Why Credit Investors Need to Become Active Duration Managers,” and an “Allocators’ Panel Discussion: Rebuilding Fixed Income Portfolios – What Lies Ahead?” which will cover the return to normalcy, exploring the role of credit in a portfolio and how yield may be influenced by interest rates, inflation risk, and duration.

As a whole, the series seeks to explore the ramifications and adaptation investors have made following 2020, with a focus on finding opportunities amid continued uncertainty. Recent events have highlighted the need for diversification within the fixed income portfolio. What are some of the non-traditional subsectors and classes that investors are now focused on? This series will discuss the need to revamp and create portfolios for the future to maintain stronger income generation down the road. For more information, please visit the series webpage.

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