Marquette Speaking at Midwest Institutional Forum 5/15

March 12, 2024

On May 14–15, Evan Frazier, CFA, CAIAFrank Valle, CFA, CAIA, and James Torgerson will be speaking at the 10th annual Midwest Institutional Forum hosted by Markets Group in Chicago.

James will be conducting a May 14 Interview: “Opportunities in Securitized Credit” with Noah Funderburk, Portfolio Manager and Director of Securitized Credit at Amundi Asset Management, described as follows: Securitized credit provides more opportunities to achieve higher credit quality while maintaining a yield advantage, as compared to those invested in government or corporate credit-focused strategies. Panelists discuss how this strategy can allow investors an opportunity to diversify credit risk by moving to an asset class that has not been as distorted by capital flows driven by QE, and focuses on collateral backed by consumer, housing, or real estate-related assets.

On May 15, Frank will be moderating a panel discussion entitled, “Taking Advantage of Dislocations Created by Market Volatility and the Fixed Income Market Structure,” and described as follows: In 2024 in the fixed income sector can be summed up in two words: embrace change. While volatility, disruption, and imbalance can be formidable, today’s structural shifts can also be viewed as opportunistic, particularly when you consider that the fixed income market has multiple layers of investor segmentation. This discussion will focus on how macro is affecting the market today, strategies for allocating capital to fixed income and fixed income alternatives, and pathways to navigate today’s volatility and take advantage of structural market opportunities.

Evan will be moderating a panel entitled, “Alternatives – Time to Shine,” described as follows:  In 2024, interest rates stayed high as central banks around the world continued to fight inflation. Which alternatives offer the most meaningful diversification and how can the best managers be sourced? This panel will aim to answer several key questions including how institutional investors are eyeing expected returns across the alternatives spectrum, which alternatives will generate meaningful risk-adjusted returns,  and how investors are instilling crisis management and downside risk.

For more information, please visit the event webpage.

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