Marquette Speaking at Opal Emerging Managers Conference 6/10

April 24, 2014

On Tuesday, June 10th, Kelli Schrade will be speaking at the Opal Emerging Managers Summit at the Swissotel Chicago. She will be discussing the topic, “Emerging Managers from the Consultant’s Point of View”

Kweku Obed will also be speaking at the conference. He will be one of the panelists addressing the topic, “Investing in emerging managers. What does the research really show?”

The session will cover the following questions:

• Are emerging managers able to provide the same level of performance as larger fund managers?
• Why are consulting firms apprehensive about adding emerging managers to their data base?
• What role can trustees play to increase opportunities to include emerging managers in searches?

For more information, please visit the Opal Group website.

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