Hedge Funds – Still a Good Idea?

December 14, 2015 | Nat Kellogg, CFA, President, Director of Manager Search

Flash talk by Nat Kellogg, CFA at Marquette’s 2015 Investment Symposium on the future of hedge fund allocations

Nat Kellogg, CFA
President, Director of Manager Search

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This chart description is for illustrative purposes only and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Please see full disclosures at end of PDF document in the web post. General description: Three-line chart showing M&A Volume. Chart subtitle: Completed M&A deal volumes have declined significantly under the current FTC, while pending deals continue to build amid increased regulatory scrutiny. Chart source: Source: Refinitiv as of June 30, 2023. Data includes all deals in North America, including net debt of the target company being acquired. Chart visual description: Data is quarterly, from 2Q13 through 2Q23. Y-axis is labeled “M&A Volume” and ranges from $0B to $700B. X-axis is labeled in Q1 YYYY format, in two-quarter increments from Q2 2013 to Q2 2023. Lina Khan FTC Regime is highlighted in light green on chart, from Q2 2021 to present. Completed Deals is plotted in blue line, Pending Deals is plotted in dotted purple line, and Withdrawn Deals is plotted in dark orange. Chart data description: Since Khan’s appointment, Completed Deals have plummeted and Pending Deals have increased. Withdrawn Deals generally have remained low compared to period shown. Please contact us for the full data set. End chart description. See disclosures at end of document.


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