Marquette Speaking at Spring 2024 Healthcare Treasurers’ Roundtable 4/18

April 11, 2024

On Thursday, April 18, Amy Miller and Catherine Hillier will be speaking at the Spring 2024 Healthcare Treasurers’ Roundtable in Denver, Colorado.

Catherine will be joining a panel entitled, “Public Equities: The Workhorse of Long-Term Investing | Is the Volatility Worth the Reward?” described as follows: Public equities have been instrumental in the growth of not-for-profit healthcare systems’ long-term pools while at the same time have presented challenges during significant drawdown periods. This panel will explore ways to optimize the construction of the public equity portfolio. Important themes will be covered such as market concentration both in the US (Magnificent Seven) and abroad and what are the pros and cons of the cap-weighted and equal-weighted indices. Value indices have not been plagued by the same dynamics, does this deepen the value-growth story or are value equities going to struggle to mean revert (given increasing reliance and advancements in technology)? What is the relative attractiveness today of active management and where are the best opportunities considering the global economic trends and expectations for continued innovation breakthroughs?

Amy will be joining a panel entitled, “Private Markets: What Role Can Illiquid Investments Play in the Backdrop of Operational Uncertainty?” described as follows: Private Markets have secured a permanent place within the capital markets eco-system as well as within the majority of not-for-profit healthcare systems’ long-term portfolios. As the allocation to private equity and other illiquid investments has become larger, the importance of liquidity management has also grown. This panel will discuss a range of related topics such as commitment pacing, expectations for distributions, and utilizing private market secondaries. Is adding further to private markets just to enhance returns or can there also be diversification benefits, and will future returns compensate for the inability to sell positions during times of stress? What is the outlook for return of capital this year and for the IPO market, which is necessary to realize true exits? Join us as we explore the best practices in developing a framework that works for a healthcare system’s unique needs.

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